System.Web.Http.Validation Namespace

The System.Web.Http.Validation namespace provides classes related to model validation.

  Class Description
Public class DefaultBodyModelValidator Represents a class used to recursively validate an object.
Public class ModelStateFormatterLogger This IFormatterLogger logs formatter errors to the provided ModelStateDictionary.
Public class ModelValidatedEventArgs Provides data for the Validated event.
Public class ModelValidatingEventArgs Provides data for the Validating event.
Public class ModelValidationNode Provides a container for model validation information.
Public class ModelValidationRequiredMemberSelector Represents the selection of required members by checking for any required ModelValidators associated with the member.
Public class ModelValidationResult Provides a container for a validation result.
Public class ModelValidator Provides a base class for implementing validation logic.
Public class ModelValidatorProvider Provides a list of validators for a model.

  Interface Description
Public interface IBodyModelValidator Represents an interface for the validation of the models