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SetProperty Method (Windows 8, C++)

Sets a property on an outgoing HTTP request.

HRESULT SetProperty(
    XHR_PROPERTY eProperty,
    ULONGLONG ullValue);


eProperty [in]

One of the following values indicating the property being set:

  1. XHR_PROP_NO_CRED_PROMPT: Controls automatic prompts for user credentials

  2. XHR_PROP_NO_AUTH: Controls authentication that the HTTP stack performs on behalf of the application

  3. XHR_PROP_TIMEOUT: Sets timeout values.

ullValue [in]

A long integer containing the value to which you are setting the property given by eProperty. Possible values for each property are:


    0: Prompts for user credentials. This value is the default.

    1: Suppresses prompts for user credentials.


    0: Turns on authentication. This value is the default.

    1: Suppresses authentication.


    An unsigned long integer specifying the timeout value, in milliseconds, for network operations.

C/C++ Return Values


The value returned if successful.

You must set properties after a successful call to IXMLHTTPRequest2::Open and before you call IXMLHTTPRequest2::Send. Properties are valid for the duration of the request.

Implemented in: MSXML 6.0

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