Live SDK core concepts

Before you call the Live Connect APIs, you should feel comfortable with a set of core concepts that apply to all app types. These core concepts are:

  • Scopes and permissions

    How to get permission from a user to access that user's info or to create new objects on behalf of that user.

  • REST reference

    How to use REST with Live Connect to access info programmatically about users, their contacts and friends, their web-based activities and personal statuses, their media stored on Microsoft OneDrive, and more.

  • Referencing the APIs

    How to begin coding with the Live Connect APIs.

  • Signing users in

    How your app can enable a user to sign in.

  • Obtaining user consent

    How your app can get a signed-in user's permission, or consent, to work with his or her info.

  • Getting user data

    How your app can begin working with a signed-in user's info.

  • Single sign-on for apps and websites

    How to design your apps and websites so that users don't have to sign in with their credentials multiple times when they access related resources.

  • Server-side scenarios

    How to use server-side scripts to interact directly with Live Connect by using REST.

  • OAuth 2.0

    How Live Connect implements the OAuth 2.0 protocol's authorization flows to authenticate users and to provide your apps with permission to access authenticated users' info.

  • Supported locales

    How client-side JavaScript websites and scripts can use localized versions of the Live Connect JavaScript API (web) and consent page for better code performance and increased user satisfaction.

These core concepts build on the info in Getting started. After you learn these concepts, we encourage you to begin working with the code examples in areas such as Identity API, Microsoft API, and OneDrive API. You can also go straight to the Live Connect API Reference to get info to further customize your apps.