Acknowledgements on This 2nd Edition

Here I am, almost exactly one year later, working on updating and improving this guide for building great Windows Phone applications.

The new Windows Phone includes some really great capabilities that we believe will help you develop much more powerful applications: a relational database, secure storage, and background agents, among many others.

The spirit of this guide has not changed, but if you read the previous release you will notice two very obvious differences: the title and the number of pages. We decided to change the title to better reflect the scope and focus of the content. This book contains guidance for building advanced apps. If your application is really simple, you might not need all the abstractions we have included here. But if high-quality software is your goal, this is definitely for you.

The guide is much slimmer now because we decided to remove all the introductory and general content on the Windows Phone platform and its capabilities. All that content was fine a year ago when product documentation was still being written and not widely available, but today there’s plenty of content covering all that on MSDN. There is now excellent content available from both Microsoft and the extended developer community.

The result is a more focused guide that explores the design considerations of a relatively complex Windows Phone application interacting with a Windows Azure back end.

As before, we’ve reached out to the experts in the community to help us review, prioritize, and refine the content. In addition to the original advisors, I’d like to thank Amrita Bhandari, David Britch, Bob Brumfield, Francis Cheung, Scott Densmore, Jonas Follesø, Alex Golesh, Adam Kinney, Jesse Liberty, Rohit Sharma, Karl Shifflett, and Shawn Wildermuth. A very special thanks for Larry Lieberman and Jeff Wilcox from the Windows Phone team for their continued support.


Eugenio Pace

Principal Program Manager Lead – patterns & practices

Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA, November 2011

Last built: May 25, 2012