Additional Resources (Windows Embedded Compact 2013)


A wide variety of documentation is available for Windows Embedded Compact 2013. In addition to the reference material, there are developer guides, virtual labs, videos, training material, and wiki articles. Some of this documentation comes with Windows Embedded Compact 2013, while some of it you can access only online. For more information about Windows Embedded Compact 2013, see the following resources.

When you install Windows Embedded Compact, the following developer guides are installed in <Program Files>\Windows Embedded Compact 7\Documentation. You can also access the developer guides at Windows Embedded Compact 7 White Papers on the web, which is updated from time to time.



OS Design



Virtual CEPC





Window Compositor

Testing and Debugging

Features and What’s New in Windows Embedded Compact 2013

You can find training videos on Windows Embedded Compact 2013 at Windows Embedded Compact 7 Online Training. The following is a list of learning tracks. Each learning track contains several sessions (videos).

BSP and Drivers Learning Track

OS Design Learning Track

Application Development Learning Track

User Interface Development Learning Track

Testing, Debugging, Troubleshooting Learning Track

For articles that contain how-to procedures, troubleshooting information, and tips contributed by the developer community and the Windows Embedded Compact 2013 team, see the TechNet Wiki. As with any wiki, the list of articles may change over time. On the wiki, you’ll find articles such as:

CodePlex hosts open-source projects that are contributed by the developer community. Among these projects, there are several tools for Windows Embedded Compact. Search CodePlex for terms such as Windows Embedded Compact and Windows Embedded CE.

Community Additions