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type attribute | type property

Gets the classification and default behavior of the button.


HTML<element type="p" ... >

p = object.type


Property values

Type: String


Default. Creates a Command button.


Creates a Reset button. If the button is in a form, it resets the fields in the form to their initial values.


Creates a Submit button. If the button is in a form, it submits the form.


A Submit button has the same default behavior as a button created by using the submit type with the input object. If the ENTER key is pressed while a user is viewing a form that contains a Submit button, the form is submitted. This default behavior of a Submit button is indicated by a border surrounding the button. The border appears when any control in the form receives the focus, other than another button. If the Submit button has a name property, the button contributes a name/value pair to the submitted data.

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