HString Class


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Provides support for manipulating HSTRING handles.

class HString;  

The Windows Runtime provides access to strings through HSTRING handles. The HString class provides convenience functions and operators to simplify using HSTRING handles.

Public Constructors

HString::HString ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the HString class.
HString::~HString DestructorDestroys the current instance of the HString class.


HString::Set MethodSets the value of the current HString object to the specified wide-character string or HString parameter.
HString::Attach MethodAssociates the specified HString object with the current HString object.
HString::CopyTo MethodCopies the current HString object to an HSTRING object.
HString::Detach MethodDisassociates the specified HString object from its underlying value.
HString::GetAddressOf MethodRetrieves a pointer to the underlying HSTRING handle.
HString::Get MethodRetrieves the value of the underlying HSTRING handle.
HString::Release MethodDeletes the underlying string value and intializes the current HString object to an empty value.
HString::MakeReference MethodCreates an HStringReference object from a specified string parameter.

Public Operators

HString::Operator= OperatorMoves the value of another HString object to the current HString object.
HString::Operator== OperatorIndicates whether the two parameters are equal.
HString::Operator!= OperatorIndicates whether the two parameters are not equal.


Header: corewrappers.h

Namespace: Microsoft::WRL::Wrappers

Microsoft::WRL::Wrappers Namespace