concurrent_unordered_multimap::unsafe_erase Method
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concurrent_unordered_multimap::unsafe_erase Method


Removes elements from the concurrent_unordered_multimap at specified positions. This method is not concurrency-safe.

iterator unsafe_erase(
   const_iterator _Where

size_type unsafe_erase(
   const key_type& _Keyval

iterator unsafe_erase(
   const_iterator _First,
   const_iterator _Last


The iterator position to erase from.


The key value to erase.


The first two member functions return an iterator that designates the first element remaining beyond any elements removed, or concurrent_unordered_multimap::end() if no such element exists. The third member function returns the number of elements it removes.

The first member function removes the element of the controlled sequence pointed to by _Where. The second member function removes the elements in the range [_Begin, _End).

The third member function removes the elements in the range delimited by concurrent_unordered_multimap::equal_range(_Keyval).


Header: concurrent_unordered_map.h

Namespace: concurrency

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