scheduler_worker_creation_error Class


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This class describes an exception thrown because of a failure to create a worker execution context in the Concurrency Runtime.

class scheduler_worker_creation_error : public scheduler_resource_allocation_error;

Public Constructors

scheduler_worker_creation_error::scheduler_worker_creation_error ConstructorOverloaded. Constructs a scheduler_worker_creation_error object.

This exception is typically thrown when a call to the operating system to create execution contexts from within the Concurrency Runtime fails. Execution contexts are threads that execute tasks in the Concurrency Runtime. The error code which would normally be returned from a call to the Win32 method GetLastError is converted to a value of type HRESULT and can be retrieved using the base class method get_error_code.




Header: concrt.h

Namespace: concurrency

Constructs a scheduler_worker_creation_error object.

    _In_z_ const char* _Message,
    HRESULT _Hresult) throw();

explicit _CRTIMP scheduler_worker_creation_error(
    HRESULT _Hresult) throw();


A descriptive message of the error.

The HRESULT value of the error that caused the exception.

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