affinity_partitioner Class


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The affinity_partitioner class is similar to the static_partitioner class, but it improves cache affinity by its choice of mapping subranges to worker threads. It can improve performance significantly when a loop is re-executed over the same data set, and the data fits in cache. Note that the same affinity_partitioner object must be used with subsequent iterations of a parallel loop that is executed over a particular data set, to benefit from data locality.

class affinity_partitioner;

Public Constructors

affinity_partitioner::affinity_partitioner ConstructorConstructs an affinity_partitioner object.
affinity_partitioner::~affinity_partitioner DestructorDestroys an affinity_partitioner object.


Header: ppl.h

Namespace: concurrency

Destroys an affinity_partitioner object.


Constructs an affinity_partitioner object.


concurrency Namespace