Receiving an EcRRegisterPushNotification Method Call

The server MAY<16> support the EcRRegisterPushNotification method call, as specified in [MS-OXCRPC] section

When a call to the EcRRegisterPushNotification method is received by the server, a valid callback address in the rgbCallbackAddress field and buffer with opaque client data in the rgbContext field MUST be present. The server MUST fail the call and MUST NOT take any actions if the callback address is not a valid SOCKADDR structure. For more information, see [MSDN-WS2].

The server SHOULD support at a minimum the AF_INET address type for IP support and the AF_INET6 address type for IPv6 support.

The server MUST save the callback address and opaque context data on the session context for future use.

After the callback address has been successfully registered with the server, the server SHOULD send a UDP datagram containing the client's opaque data, from the rgbContext field, when a notification becomes available for the client.

If the server supports sending push notification UDP datagrams, the server MUST continue sending a UDP datagram to the callback address at 60-second intervals if event details are still queued for the client. The server SHOULD stop sending UDP datagrams only when all of the notifications have been retrieved from the server through EcDoRpcExt2 method calls, as specified in [MS-OXCRPC] section