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1500 characters remaining Responding to an Initial Request Responding to an Initial Request

The server SHOULD store the device information that was specified in the settings:DeviceInformation element (section sent by the client device and SHOULD respond to an initial security policy settings Provision command request with a response in the following format. The contents of the PolicyType element (section and the Data element (section depend on the protocol version that is being used. The settings:DeviceInformation element is not supported by some protocol versions. For details about these elements and protocol versions, see the element definitions.


The value of the PolicyKey element (section is a temporary policy key that will be valid only for an acknowledgment request to acknowledge the policy settings contained in the Data element.

When a policy setting that was previously set is unset on the server, the server SHOULD specify the element that represents the setting as an empty tag or a default value. In these cases, the client SHOULD either unset these values if they were previously set, or leave the setting unchanged.

The server SHOULD respond to an empty initial Provision command request with a response in the following format. The RemoteWipe MUST only be included if a remote wipe has been requested for the client, otherwise, it MUST be omitted.

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