WSFederationAuthenticationModule.SignOut Method (String)

.NET Framework (current version)

Signs out of the current session and requests a redirect back to the specified URL.

Namespace:   System.IdentityModel.Services
Assembly:  System.IdentityModel.Services (in System.IdentityModel.Services.dll)

public virtual void SignOut(
	string redirectUrl


Type: System.String

The URL to which the browser should be redirected after the session is deleted.

Exception Condition

redirectUrl is not a valid URI.

Deletes the current session and redirects the browser back to the specified URL.

Invokes the WSFederationAuthenticationModule.SignOut(String, Boolean) method with the redirectUrl parameter and with the initiateSignoutCleanup set false.

No sign-out request message (“wsignout1.0”) is sent to the security token service (STS). To sign-out at the STS using WS-Federation protocol, use the FederatedSignOut method.

.NET Framework
Available since 4.5
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