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Map Properties


(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyActualHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyActualWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyAllowDrop  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAnimationLevel 
Gets or sets the animation level of the map.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesCaptured  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesCapturedWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesDirectlyOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyBackground  (inherited from Control)
public propertyBindingGroup  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyBitmapEffect  Obsolete.  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyBitmapEffectInput  Obsolete.  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyBorderBrush  (inherited from Control)
public propertyBorderThickness  (inherited from Control)
public propertyBoundingRectangle 
Gets the rectangle that defines the boundaries of the map view.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyCacheMode  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyCenter 
Gets the center location of the map view.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyChildren 
Gets the child elements of the map.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyClip  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyClipToBounds  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyCommandBindings  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyContextMenu  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyCredentialsProvider 
Gets or sets the credentials (Bing Maps Key).
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyCulture 
Gets or sets the culture used by the map.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyCursor  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyDataContext  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyDependencyObjectType  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertyDesiredSize  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyDispatcher  (inherited from DispatcherObject)
public propertyEffect  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyFlowDirection  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyFocusable  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyFocusVisualStyle  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyFontFamily  (inherited from Control)
public propertyFontSize  (inherited from Control)
public propertyFontStretch  (inherited from Control)
public propertyFontStyle  (inherited from Control)
public propertyFontWeight  (inherited from Control)
public propertyForceCursor  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyForeground  (inherited from Control)
public propertyHasAnimatedProperties  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyHeading 
Gets or sets the directional heading of the map.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalAlignment  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalContentAlignment  (inherited from Control)
public propertyInputBindings  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyInputScope  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsArrangeValid  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsEnabled  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsFocused  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsHitTestVisible  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsInitialized  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsInputMethodEnabled  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsKeyboardFocused  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsKeyboardFocusWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsLoaded  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsManipulationEnabled  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMeasureValid  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseCaptured  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseCaptureWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseDirectlyOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsSealed  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertyIsStylusCaptured  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusCaptureWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusDirectlyOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsTabStop  (inherited from Control)
public propertyIsVisible  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyLanguage  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyLayoutTransform  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMapForegroundStyle
Gets or sets the map foreground style.
public propertyMargin  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMode 
Gets or sets the map mode.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyModeCrossFadeDuration 
Gets or sets the duration in milliseconds that it takes to cross-fade to a new map mode when a new map mode is set. The default value is 500 milliseconds.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyName  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyOpacity  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyOpacityMask  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyOverridesDefaultStyle  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyPadding  (inherited from Control)
public propertyParent  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyPersistId  Obsolete.  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderSize  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransform  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransformOrigin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyResources  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyScaleVisibility 
Gets or sets the visibility of all Scale objects on the map.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertySnapsToDevicePixels  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyStyle  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertySupportedManipulations
Gets or sets the current set of supported two-dimensional (2-D) manipulations.
public propertyTabIndex  (inherited from Control)
public propertyTag  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTargetCenter 
Gets the pitch of the map view towards which the map is animating.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyTargetHeading 
Gets the heading of the map view towards which the map is animating.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyTargetZoomLevel 
Gets the zoom level of the map view towards which the map is animating.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyTemplate  (inherited from Control)
public propertyTemplatedParent  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyToolTip  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTouchesCaptured  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesCapturedWithin  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesDirectlyOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesOver  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTriggers  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyUid  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertystaticUriScheme
Gets the protocol (http or https) that is used to request the map.
public propertystaticUseHttps
Gets or sets whether to use HTTPS protocol when requesting a map.
public propertyUseInertia
Gets or sets whether to use the inertial animation effect during map navigation.
public propertyUseLayoutRounding  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyVerticalAlignment  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyVerticalContentAlignment  (inherited from Control)
public propertyViewportSize 
Gets the size of the viewport.
 (inherited from MapCore)
public propertyVisibility  (inherited from UIElement)
public propertyWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyZoomLevel 
Gets or sets the zoom level.
 (inherited from MapCore)

protected propertyIsEnabledCore  (inherited from UIElement)
protected propertyStylusPlugIns  (inherited from UIElement)
protected propertyVisualChildrenCount  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected propertyVisualParent  (inherited from Visual)
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