What's New in Bing Maps Dev Center


The following list describes the latest new features on the Bing Maps Dev Center.

July, 2014

The Bing Maps Account Center has a new home (http://www.bing.com/dev/maps) and has been renamed Bing Maps Dev Center. These help pages have been updated for the new Dev Center. The functionality of the dev center has not changed.

May, 2014

The maximum number of jobs that you can run in a 24 hour period is increased from 5 to 50 for non-enterprise accounts. See Geocode and Data Source Limits.

New free-use limits for Spatial Data Services.

Use of the Spatial Data Services now has the following transaction limits:

  • All Bing Spatial Data Services transactions become billable when you reach ten (10) million transactions within a year, even if you use a session key.

  • Bing Spatial Data Services batch geocode transactions become billable when you reach one (1) million batch geocode transactions within a year.

For more info, see Understanding Bing Maps Transactions.

For a list of older releases, see Release History for the Bing Maps Dev Center Help.