CreateClassFactory Function


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Creates a factory that produces instances of the specified class.

template<typename Factory>  
inline HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE CreateClassFactory(  
   _In_ unsigned int *flags,   
   _In_ const CreatorMap* entry,   
   REFIID riid,   
   _Outptr_ IUnknown **ppFactory  
) throw();  


A combination of one or more RuntimeClassType enumeration values.

Pointer to a CreatorMap that contains initialization and registration information about parameter riid.

Reference to an interface ID.

If this operation completes successfully, a pointer to a class factory.

S_OK if successful; otherwise, an HRESULT that indicates the error.

An assert error is emitted if template parameter Factory doesn't derive from interface IClassFactory.

Header: module.h

Namespace: Microsoft::WRL

Microsoft::WRL::Wrappers::Details Namespace