norm_4 Class


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Represents a short vector of four normal numbers.

class norm_4;  

Public Typedefs


Public Constructors

norm_4::norm_4 ConstructorOverloaded. Default constructor, initializes all elements with 0.

Public Methods

norm_4::get_w Method
norm_4::get_wx Method
norm_4::get_wxy Method
norm_4::get_wxyz Method
norm_4::get_wxz Method
norm_4::get_wxzy Method
norm_4::get_wy Method
norm_4::get_wyx Method
norm_4::get_wyxz Method
norm_4::get_wyz Method
norm_4::get_wyzx Method
norm_4::get_wz Method
norm_4::get_wzx Method
norm_4::get_wzxy Method
norm_4::get_wzy Method
norm_4::get_wzyx Method
norm_4::get_x Method
norm_4::get_xw Method
norm_4::get_xwy Method
norm_4::get_xwyz Method
norm_4::get_xwz Method
norm_4::get_xwzy Method
norm_4::get_xy Method
norm_4::get_xyw Method
norm_4::get_xywz Method
norm_4::get_xyz Method
norm_4::get_xyzw Method
norm_4::get_xz Method
norm_4::get_xzw Method
norm_4::get_xzwy Method
norm_4::get_xzy Method
norm_4::get_xzyw Method
norm_4::get_y Method
norm_4::get_yw Method
norm_4::get_ywx Method
norm_4::get_ywxz Method
norm_4::get_ywz Method
norm_4::get_ywzx Method
norm_4::get_yx Method
norm_4::get_yxw Method
norm_4::get_yxwz Method
norm_4::get_yxz Method
norm_4::get_yxzw Method
norm_4::get_yz Method
norm_4::get_yzw Method
norm_4::get_yzwx Method
norm_4::get_yzx Method
norm_4::get_yzxw Method
norm_4::get_z Method
norm_4::get_zw Method
norm_4::get_zwx Method
norm_4::get_zwxy Method
norm_4::get_zwy Method
norm_4::get_zwyx Method
norm_4::get_zx Method
norm_4::get_zxw Method
norm_4::get_zxwy Method
norm_4::get_zxy Method
norm_4::get_zxyw Method
norm_4::get_zy Method
norm_4::get_zyw Method
norm_4::get_zywx Method
norm_4::get_zyx Method
norm_4::get_zyxw Method
norm_4::ref_a Method
norm_4::ref_b Method
norm_4::ref_g Method
norm_4::ref_r Method
norm_4::ref_w Method
norm_4::ref_x Method
norm_4::ref_y Method
norm_4::ref_z Method
norm_4::set_w Method
norm_4::set_wx Method
norm_4::set_wxy Method
norm_4::set_wxyz Method
norm_4::set_wxz Method
norm_4::set_wxzy Method
norm_4::set_wy Method
norm_4::set_wyx Method
norm_4::set_wyxz Method
norm_4::set_wyz Method
norm_4::set_wyzx Method
norm_4::set_wz Method
norm_4::set_wzx Method
norm_4::set_wzxy Method
norm_4::set_wzy Method
norm_4::set_wzyx Method
norm_4::set_x Method
norm_4::set_xw Method
norm_4::set_xwy Method
norm_4::set_xwyz Method
norm_4::set_xwz Method
norm_4::set_xwzy Method
norm_4::set_xy Method
norm_4::set_xyw Method
norm_4::set_xywz Method
norm_4::set_xyz Method
norm_4::set_xyzw Method
norm_4::set_xz Method
norm_4::set_xzw Method
norm_4::set_xzwy Method
norm_4::set_xzy Method
norm_4::set_xzyw Method
norm_4::set_y Method
norm_4::set_yw Method
norm_4::set_ywx Method
norm_4::set_ywxz Method
norm_4::set_ywz Method
norm_4::set_ywzx Method
norm_4::set_yx Method
norm_4::set_yxw Method
norm_4::set_yxwz Method
norm_4::set_yxz Method
norm_4::set_yxzw Method
norm_4::set_yz Method
norm_4::set_yzw Method
norm_4::set_yzwx Method
norm_4::set_yzx Method
norm_4::set_yzxw Method
norm_4::set_z Method
norm_4::set_zw Method
norm_4::set_zwx Method
norm_4::set_zwxy Method
norm_4::set_zwy Method
norm_4::set_zwyx Method
norm_4::set_zx Method
norm_4::set_zxw Method
norm_4::set_zxwy Method
norm_4::set_zxy Method
norm_4::set_zxyw Method
norm_4::set_zy Method
norm_4::set_zyw Method
norm_4::set_zywx Method
norm_4::set_zyx Method
norm_4::set_zyxw Method

Public Operators

norm_4::operator- Operator
norm_4::operator-- Operator
norm_4::operator*= Operator
norm_4::operator/= Operator
norm_4::operator++ Operator
norm_4::operator+= Operator
norm_4::operator= Operator
norm_4::operator-= Operator

Public Constants

norm_4::size Constant

Public Data Members

norm_4::a Data Member
norm_4::ab Data Member
norm_4::abg Data Member
norm_4::abgr Data Member
norm_4::abr Data Member
norm_4::abrg Data Member
norm_4::ag Data Member
norm_4::agb Data Member
norm_4::agbr Data Member
norm_4::agr Data Member
norm_4::agrb Data Member
norm_4::ar Data Member
norm_4::arb Data Member
norm_4::arbg Data Member
norm_4::arg Data Member
norm_4::argb Data Member
norm_4::b Data Member
norm_4::ba Data Member
norm_4::bag Data Member
norm_4::bagr Data Member
norm_4::bar Data Member
norm_4::barg Data Member
norm_4::bg Data Member
norm_4::bga Data Member
norm_4::bgar Data Member
norm_4::bgr Data Member
norm_4::bgra Data Member
norm_4::br Data Member
norm_4::bra Data Member
norm_4::brag Data Member
norm_4::brg Data Member
norm_4::brga Data Member
norm_4::g Data Member
norm_4::ga Data Member
norm_4::gab Data Member
norm_4::gabr Data Member
norm_4::gar Data Member
norm_4::garb Data Member
norm_4::gb Data Member
norm_4::gba Data Member
norm_4::gbar Data Member
norm_4::gbr Data Member
norm_4::gbra Data Member
norm_4::gr Data Member
norm_4::gra Data Member
norm_4::grab Data Member
norm_4::grb Data Member
norm_4::grba Data Member
norm_4::r Data Member
norm_4::ra Data Member
norm_4::rab Data Member
norm_4::rabg Data Member
norm_4::rag Data Member
norm_4::ragb Data Member
norm_4::rb Data Member
norm_4::rba Data Member
norm_4::rbag Data Member
norm_4::rbg Data Member
norm_4::rbga Data Member
norm_4::rg Data Member
norm_4::rga Data Member
norm_4::rgab Data Member
norm_4::rgb Data Member
norm_4::rgba Data Member
norm_4::w Data Member
norm_4::wx Data Member
norm_4::wxy Data Member
norm_4::wxyz Data Member
norm_4::wxz Data Member
norm_4::wxzy Data Member
norm_4::wy Data Member
norm_4::wyx Data Member
norm_4::wyxz Data Member
norm_4::wyz Data Member
norm_4::wyzx Data Member
norm_4::wz Data Member
norm_4::wzx Data Member
norm_4::wzxy Data Member
norm_4::wzy Data Member
norm_4::wzyx Data Member
norm_4::x Data Member
norm_4::xw Data Member
norm_4::xwy Data Member
norm_4::xwyz Data Member
norm_4::xwz Data Member
norm_4::xwzy Data Member
norm_4::xy Data Member
norm_4::xyw Data Member
norm_4::xywz Data Member
norm_4::xyz Data Member
norm_4::xyzw Data Member
norm_4::xz Data Member
norm_4::xzw Data Member
norm_4::xzwy Data Member
norm_4::xzy Data Member
norm_4::xzyw Data Member
norm_4::y Data Member
norm_4::yw Data Member
norm_4::ywx Data Member
norm_4::ywxz Data Member
norm_4::ywz Data Member
norm_4::ywzx Data Member
norm_4::yx Data Member
norm_4::yxw Data Member
norm_4::yxwz Data Member
norm_4::yxz Data Member
norm_4::yxzw Data Member
norm_4::yz Data Member
norm_4::yzw Data Member
norm_4::yzwx Data Member
norm_4::yzx Data Member
norm_4::yzxw Data Member
norm_4::z Data Member
norm_4::zw Data Member
norm_4::zwx Data Member
norm_4::zwxy Data Member
norm_4::zwy Data Member
norm_4::zwyx Data Member
norm_4::zx Data Member
norm_4::zxw Data Member
norm_4::zxwy Data Member
norm_4::zxy Data Member
norm_4::zxyw Data Member
norm_4::zy Data Member
norm_4::zyw Data Member
norm_4::zywx Data Member
norm_4::zyx Data Member
norm_4::zyxw Data Member


Header: amp_short_vectors.h

Namespace: Concurrency::graphics

Default constructor, initializes all elements with 0.

norm_4() restrict(amp,

    norm _V0,  
    norm _V1,  
    norm _V2,  
    norm _V3) restrict(amp,

    float _V0,  
    float _V1,  
    float _V2,  
    float _V3) restrict(amp,

    unorm _V0,  
    unorm _V1,  
    unorm _V2,  
    unorm _V3) restrict(amp,

    norm _V) restrict(amp,

explicit norm_4(
    float _V) restrict(amp,

    const norm_4& _Other) restrict(amp,

explicit inline norm_4(
    const uint_4& _Other) restrict(amp,

explicit inline norm_4(
    const int_4& _Other) restrict(amp,

explicit inline norm_4(
    const float_4& _Other) restrict(amp,

explicit inline norm_4(
    const unorm_4& _Other) restrict(amp,

explicit inline norm_4(
    const double_4& _Other) restrict(amp,


The value to initialize element 0.

The value to initialize element 1.

The value to initialize element 2.

The value to initialize element 3.

The value for initialization.

The object used to initialize.

static const int size = 4;  

Concurrency::graphics Namespace