Deploying the Autoscaling Application Block

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This content and the technology described is outdated and is no longer being maintained. For more information, see Transient Fault Handling.

The Autoscaling Application Block must be able to access the roles in the application that it is managing. The block reads the information that it needs to access the target application from the service information configuration. The block requires the subscription ID of the Microsoft Azure subscription that hosts the target application, and a management certificate that it can use to connect to the subscription. You must add these pieces of information to the service information.

To discover the subscription ID of the target subscription, log onto the Azure Management Portal and click Hosted Services, Storage Accounts & CDN. The subscription ID is displayed on this page.

The following diagram summarizes the steps you must perform to add the management certificate to your Azure subscriptions.


To add the management certificate to your Azure subscriptions

  1. Create an X.509 certificate to use as a management certificate for your Azure application. For more information, see "How to Create a Management Certificate" on MSDN.
  2. Upload the public key to the subscription that contains the role or roles you want the Autoscaling Application Block to scale. For more information, see "How to Add a Management Certificate to an Azure Subscription" on MSDN.
  3. Upload the private key to the Service Certificates store in the hosted service that contains the Autoscaling Application Block. For more information, see "How to Add a New Certificate to the Certificate Store" on MSDN.
  4. Update the service information for the Autoscaling Application Block to include the certificate thumbprint of the certificate that you uploaded in step 3 of the diagram, and the store name and location that the developer specified in the service definition file for the Autoscaling Application Block host. For more information about the service information configuration, see the topic "Service Information Schema Description." For more information about how the certificate uploaded in step 3 is associated with a service, see "How to Associate a Certificate with a Service" on MSDN.
The service that hosts the target roles and the service that hosts the Autoscaling Application Block may be in the same Azure subscription. You must still upload both the .cer file to the management certificate store and the .pfx file to the certificate store.

Last built: June 7, 2012