HealthVault .NET SDK reference


Microsoft HealthVault allows people to store and transfer information between a variety of health-related applications, devices, services, and even clinical systems. As a platform, HealthVault makes it easy for you to build an online tool for your community members. Solution providers can use the HealthVault Software Development Kit (SDK) to build online health solutions for the HealthVault platform.

Microsoft.Health The members of the Microsoft.Health namespace provide general access to HealthVault services.
Microsoft.Health.ApplicationProvisioning The ApplicationProvisioning namespace is used to create child applications programmatically.
Microsoft.Health.Authentication The Authentication namespace contains members specific to HealthVault authentication.
Microsoft.Health.Events Events for HealthVault Event Notification Service.
Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes The Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes namespace contains current versions of the data types that can be stored in HealthVault.
Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.Csv This namespace provides various classes to store and retrieve CSV data in HealthVault data types.
Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.Old The Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.Old namespace contains earlier versions of the data types that can be stored in HealthVault. New applications should use the types contained in the Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes namespace.
Microsoft.Health.Package This namespace provides various classes to interact with Package APIs of HealthVault.
Microsoft.Health.PatientConnect The PatientConnect namespace can be used to implement patient connect (also known as "direct to clinical") workflows.
Microsoft.Health.PlatformPrimitives Base primitives for HealthVault Platform.
Microsoft.Health.Web The Web namespace contains members that are useful in implementing HealthVault web applications.
Microsoft.Health.Web.Authentication This namespace provides authentication classes for web applications.