2.2.2 Common URI Parameters


 The following URI parameters MUST be included with all WOPI requests.

URI Parameter



A string used by the WOPI server to determine the identity and permissions of the issuer of the WOPI request. The token is generated by the WOPI server and learned by the WOPI client before the first WOPI request. The WOPI server passes the token to the WOPI client in the initiating request described in section

The WOPI client requires no understanding of the format or content of the token.

The token SHOULD expire after a length of time deemed reasonable by the implementer of the WOPI server.

The token SHOULD only provide access to resources associated with the WOPI request. That is, the token SHOULD be scoped to a specific user and set of resources. 


The id represents the file or folder being operated on by the WOPI client. A WOPI server MUST issue a unique id for any resource that a WOPI client operates on.

The <token> and <id> parameters are a core part of all WOPI requests. The URI syntax for using these parameters is described first in the CheckFileInfo operation (see section The WOPI server provides both <token> and <id> through the urlsrc parameter, as described in the st_wopi-url-source simple type (see section

The following URI parameters can be included with all WOPI requests.

URI Parameter



The sc is a string that the WOPI server MAY include with a WOPI request. The WOPI client MAY in turn return the value of sc as the value of the X-WOPI-SessionContext HTTP header when making the CheckFileInfo (section and CheckFolderInfo (section WOPI requests.