2.3.4 RowNumber Column


Every table MUST have a RowNumber file generated for the table. An example of a generated file name for a RowNumber file for a table that has the identifier "Table1" is 4.Table1.RowNumber.0.idf. For an explanation of the interpretation of the substrings within the file name, see section 2.2.

The RowNumber file is used to tell the system how many rows are contained in each data segment of the column data. This information is always encoded by using XMHybridRLECompressionInfo<class XM123CompressionInfo> compression (section

It is necessary to reference the XML metadata file to understand and decode the contents of the RowNumber file. The metadata file for the RowNumber file is contained in the same file as the metadata for the column data (section 2.3.1). The Column item in the Column collection for which the value of the name attribute is "RowNumber" contains the metadata for this file. For an explanation of how to interpret the metadata file, see section 2.5.