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2.1.38 EnumType Member

A Member element is used inside an EnumType element to declare a member of an enumeration type.

The following rules apply to declared enumeration type members:

  • Member elements MUST specify a Name attribute. The Name MUST be unique within the EnumType declaration.

  • Member elements can specify the Value attribute. Value MUST be a valid Edm.Long.

  • The order of the Member elements has meaning and MUST be preserved.

  • If the value of the Member element is not specified, the value MUST be zero for the first member and one more than the value of the previous member for subsequent members.

  • Multiple members with different Name attributes can have the same Value attributes. When mapping from a value of the underlying type to a Member of an EnumType, the first matching Member MUST be used.

EnumType Member element table

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