Publish on the Marketplace

Publish on the Marketplace

Updated: February 12, 2014


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Leverage Microsofts extensive network of users and partners when you make your data or Microsoft Azure application service available through the Marketplace. You can either charge for access to your data or make it available at no cost to the user, or some combination of the two. Whichever you choose, becoming a WAM data or Azure application service publisher is quick, easy and straight forward.

To become a publisher on the Marketplace, register as a publisher.


Topic Description

Publishing Overview

Brief overview of the phases to getting your offering published.

Register as a Publisher

Walks you through the publisher registration process.

Add/Update your offerings

Walks you through how to create a draft offering for approval.

Provide payment info

Walks you through the various settings you need to manage for your account and offerings – Publisher Details, Bank Account, and Tax Profile.

Create promotional discounts

Walks you through the process to create discount codes. Discount codes can be used to promote your offerings.

Track your sales

Various reports on your offering sales.
This tab is only visible and available after you generate income.

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