/ZW (Windows Runtime Compilation)

Compiles source code to support Visual C++ component extensions (C++/CX) for the creation of Windows Store apps.

When you use /ZW to compile, always specify /EHsc as well.

/ZW /EHsc
/ZW:nostdlib /EHsc


Indicates that Platform.winmd, Windows.Foundation.winmd, and other default Windows metadata (.winmd) files are not automatically included in the compilation. Instead, you must use the /FU (Name Forced #using File) compiler option to explicitly specify Windows metadata files.

When you specify the /ZW option, the compiler supports these features:

  • The required metadata files, namespaces, data types, and functions that your app requires to execute in the Windows Runtime.

  • Automatic reference-counting of Windows Runtime objects, and automatic discarding of an object when its reference count goes to zero.

For more information, see Visual C++ Language Reference (C++/CX).