The InvokeDelegate designer is used to create and configure an InvokeDelegate activity.

The InvokeDelegate calls a public delegate.

Using the InvokeDelegate Activity Designer

The InvokeDelegate activity designer can be found in the Primitives category of the Toolbox, which is accessed by clicking the Toolbox tab Workflow Designer (Alternatively, select Toolbar from the View menu, or CRTL+ALT+X.)

The InvokeDelegate activity designer can be dragged from the Toolbox and dropped on to the Workflow Designer surface where ever activities are usually placed, such as inside a Sequence. This creates an InvokeDelegate activity with a default DisplayName of InvokeDelegate. The DisplayName can be edited in the header of the InvokeDelegate activity designer or in the DisplayName box of the property grid.

The InvokeDelegate Properties

The following table shows the InvokeDelegate properties and describes how they are used in the designer. These properties can be edited in property grid and some can be edited on Workflow Designerdesigner surface.

Property NameRequiredUsage
DisplayNameFalseThe friendly name of the InvokeDelegate activity. The default value is InvokeDelegate.

Although the DisplayName is not strictly required, it is a best practice to use one.
DelegateTrueThe name of the T:System.Activities.Statements.ActivityDelegate to be called when the activity executes. This property can be edited on designer surface. This is a mandatory property.
P:System.Activities.Statements.InvokeMethod.DelegateArgumentsFalseThe argument collection of the called delegate. The keys are the names of the T:System.Activities.Statements.ActivityDelegateParameter objects on the T:System.Activities.Statements.ActivityDelegate and the values are the arguments whose expressions are evaluated and assigned to the corresponding T:System.Activities.Statements.ActivityDelegateParameter objects. In the property grid, click the ellipses button in the DelegateArguments field, it displays the DelegateArguments dialog to let you set this property. Click the Create Argument field to add the arguments.

How to: Define and consume activity delegates in the Workflow Designer