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3 Protocol Details

The Central Access Policy ID Retrieval Protocol is used to retrieve the set of central access policies that have been configured on a remote machine. This protocol is intended to be used in the implementation of administrative interfaces for viewing or managing the set of central access policies of specific resources on the remote machine.

All CAPR Protocol methods return ERROR_SUCCESS (0x00000000) on success. Otherwise, they return 32-bit nonzero Win32 error codes. For more information on Win32 error codes, see [MS-ERREF].

Unless otherwise specified, the pointer type for the CAPR protocol RPC interface is pointer_default(unique). Method calls are received at a dynamically assigned endpoint. The endpoints for the Netlogon service are negotiated by the RPC endpoint mapper. For information on dynamic endpoint assignment and endpoint negotiation, see [MS-RPCE] section

The client side of this protocol involves no additional timers or other states and can simply pass calls directly from the higher-layer protocol or application to the transport. Similarly, results returned by the transport can be passed directly to the higher-layer protocol or application without further processing.

The CAPR protocol does not support version number negotiation. Client and server implementations of this protocol MUST be configured with a version number of 1.0. See section 6 for an example of configuring the version number.

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