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Expand All Handling the SMB2_CREATE_APP_INSTANCE_ID Create Context

This section applies only to servers that implement the SMB 3.x dialect family.

If the create request also includes the SMB2_CREATE_DURABLE_HANDLE_RECONNECT_V2 create context, the server MUST process the SMB2_CREATE_DURABLE_HANDLE_RECONNECT_V2 create context as specified in section, and this section MUST be skipped.

The server MUST attempt to locate an Open in GlobalOpenTable where:

  • AppInstanceId in the request is equal to Open.AppInstanceId.

  • Target path name is equal to Open.PathName.

  • Open.TreeConnect.Share is equal to TreeConnect.Share.

  • Open.Session.Connection.ClientGuid is not equal to the current Connection.ClientGuid.

If an Open is found, the server MUST calculate the maximal access that the user, identified by Session.SecurityContext, has on the file being opened<277>. If the maximal access includes GENERIC_READ access, the server MUST close the open as specified in

The server MUST then continue the create process specified in the "Open Execution" Phase.

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