The CLAIMS_SET structure specifies CLAIMS_ARRAY structures, each from a different claims source.

 typedef struct _CLAIMS_SET {
   ULONG ulClaimsArrayCount;
   [size_is(ulClaimsArrayCount)] PCLAIMS_ARRAY ClaimsArrays;
   USHORT usReservedType;
   ULONG ulReservedFieldSize;
   [size_is(ulReservedFieldSize)] BYTE* ReservedField;

ulClaimsArrayCount: Specifies the number of CLAIMS_ARRAY elements that are in the ClaimsArrays member. This field MUST be greater than or equal to 1.

ClaimsArrays: An array containing ulClaimsArrayCount number of CLAIMS_ARRAY structures.

usReservedType: This field is not used.

ulReservedFieldSize: Specifies the length, in bytes, of the ReservedField member.

ReservedField: A byte array containing ulReservedFieldSize bytes.