Application Requests Committing a Shadow Copy Set

The caller provides the following:

  • ShadowCopySetId in GUID format

The client MUST look up ShadowCopySet in GlobalShadowCopySetTable where ShadowCopySet.ShadowCopySetId matches the caller-supplied ShadowCopySetId. If no entry is found, the client MUST return an implementation-defined error to the caller.

The client MUST call the RPC CommitShadowCopySet method, with ShadowCopySetId set to ShadowCopySet.ServerShadowCopySetId and TimeOutInMilliSeconds set to CommitTimeout.

If the server returns an error, the client MUST return the same error code to the caller.

If the server returns ZERO, the client MUST set ShadowCopySet.Status to "Committed" and return ZERO to the caller.