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3.1.4 Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules

The Witness interface defines the following methods:




The WitnessrGetInterfaceList method returns information about the interfaces to which witness client connections can be made.

Opnum: 0


The WitnessrRegister method allows the witness client to register for notifications from the server.

Opnum: 1


The WitnessrUnRegister method allows the client to unregister for notifications from the server.

Opnum: 2


The WitnessrAsyncNotify method is used by the client to request notification of resource changes from the server.

Opnum: 3


The WitnessrRegisterEx method allows the witness client to register for notifications from the server for a specific share and with optional flags. This opnum is only applicable for Witness protocol version 2.

Opnum: 4

For all methods, the server SHOULD<3> enforce security measures to verify that the caller has the required permissions to execute any method. If the server enforces security measures, and the caller does not have the required credentials, then the server MUST fail the call and return ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED. For more details about determining the identity of the caller for the purpose of performing an access check, see [MS-RPCE] section

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