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6 Appendix A: Full IDL

For ease of implementation, the full Central Access Policy ID Retrieval Protocol IDL interface is provided, where "ms-dtyp.idl" is the IDL found in [MS-DTYP] Appendix A. The syntax uses the IDL syntax extensions defined in [MS-RPCE] section 2.2.4 and For example, as noted in [MS-RPCE] section, a pointer_default declaration is not required and pointer_default(unique) is assumed.

import "ms-dtyp.idl";
import "ms-lsat.idl";

typedef struct _LSAPR_WRAPPED_CAPID_SET {
    ULONG Entries;
    [size_is(Entries)] LSAPR_SID_INFORMATION * SidInfo;

interface lsacap {
    NTSTATUS LsarGetAvailableCAPIDs(
        [in] handle_t BindingHandle,
        [out] LSAPR_WRAPPED_CAPID_SET * WrappedCAPIDs);
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