3 Protocol Details

The Remote Authorization Protocol is used to approximate an access control decision that would be made when a given principal attempts to access a hypothetical resource on a remote service that is protected with a given authorization policy.

All remote authorization methods return 0x00000000 on success; otherwise, they return a 32-bit, nonzero Win32 error code. For more details about Win32 error values, see [MS-ERREF].

Unless otherwise specified, the pointer type for the RAZA RPC interface is pointer_default(unique). Method calls are received at a dynamically assigned endpoint ([MS-RPCE] section The endpoints for the Netlogon service are negotiated by the RPC endpoint mapper ([MS-RPCE] section

The client side of this protocol is simply a pass-through. That is, there are no additional timers or other states required on the client side of this protocol. Calls made by the higher-layer protocol or application are passed directly to the transport, and the results returned by the transport are passed directly back to the higher-layer protocol or application.