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2.256 Attribute msDS-ClaimSharesPossibleValuesWithBL

For a claim type object, this attribute indicates that the possible values described in msDS-ClaimPossibleValues are being referenced by other claim type objects.

 cn: ms-DS-Claim-Shares-Possible-Values-With-BL
 ldapDisplayName: msDS-ClaimSharesPossibleValuesWithBL
 attributeId: 1.2.840.113556.1.4.2102
 omSyntax: 127
 isSingleValued: FALSE
 systemOnly: FALSE
 searchFlags: 0
 schemaIdGuid: 54d522db-ec95-48f5-9bbd-1880ebbb2180
 linkID: 2179

Version-Specific Behavior: Implemented on Windows Server 2012 operating system, Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system, and Windows Server 2016 operating system.

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