The platform uses the following constants.

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API mode values

Constants for specifying security mode.

Decrypt file flags

Constants for specifying file decryption behavior.

Encrypt file flags

Constants for specifying the type of file input.

Encrypt file input type

Constants for specifying the type of license information.

Environment properties

Environment property constants are used to query and set properties using IpcGetGlobalProperty and IpcSetGlobalProperty.

Error codes

Error codes returned by the Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 system.

Get template list flags

These flags specify optional behavior for the IpcGetTemplateList and IpcGetTemplateIssuerList functions.

License handle types

License handle types.

License metadata property types

Property types for license metadata.

License property types

Constants used to refer to license properties when calling IpcGetLicenseProperty, IpcGetSerializedLicenseProperty or IpcSetLicenseProperty.

Notification preference

Specifies the users's notification preference for a tracked document.

Notification type

Specifies the way notifications about tracked document content usage is sent to the content owner.

Preferred encryption

Used to specify the encryption package.


RMS SDK 2.1 defines the following rights.