GPU sample

Expression Studio 4.0

This GPU sample demonstrates how a user can use GPU acceleration to assist in encoding. This sample uses any GPU devices available. GPU-accelerated encoding is only available with MP4 output types and for Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Pro users. You do not need a GPU or MP4 output types to run this sample.

The following parameters can be used to run this sample:

  • /live   Indicates that encoding is in real time.

  • /time WholeNumber   Indicates the amount of time to use one live source before switching to next live source.

  • /folder String   The path to a directory containing media to encode.

  • /file String   Sets the full path of a media item, multiple sources can be used.

  • /intel WholeNumber   Sets Intel GPU encoding and the number of GPU streams.

  • /cuda WholeNumber   Sets NVidia GPU encoding and the number of GPU streams.

  • /preset String   Sets the preset for encoding with part of the name or keywords.

  • /output String   The file name or the output directory to encode to.

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