ThumbnailGenerator sample

Expression Studio 4.0

The ThumbnailGenerator sample shows how to obtain images from a video source without encoding. The sample extracts a number of images from the video in evenly-spaced intervals. For example, if you would like to extract 10 images from a 20 second video, then the sample will extract a still image every 2 seconds. Microsoft Expression Encoder saves the images in the ‘My Pictures’ directory. The image formats available are: bmp, gif, jpg, png, and tif. The sample will process one source file or a directory containing source files.

The following are optional parameters:

  1. /count   Sets the number of images to extract from the file(s). This defaults to 5.

  2. /offset   Sets a time offset to begin taking thumbnails. This defaults to 0.

  3. /format   Sets the type of image to be created. This defaults to bitmap.

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