Crop video in a Live Broadcasting project

You can crop both your live and file source video in a Live Broadcasting project. Depending upon your resize choices, the cropped video will either display a letterbox in the cropped area or will stretch the source video to match the crop dimensions.

To crop video in a Live Broadcasting project

  1. In either the Live Sources or the File Sources panel, select the video that you want to crop.

  2. At the bottom of the panel, click Show/Hide Advanced Properties Hh532001.2f8a79a9-68d2-4878-8b75-c76ceb921b3b(en-us,Expression.40).png to reveal the Crop section.

  3. The Width and Height values display the source video width and height. If you want to retain the source aspect ratio of the footage as you crop it, make sure that Maintain aspect ratio The Lock Icon closed. is closed. If it is not, click it to close it.

  4. Do either of the following to change the cropped area.

    • To adjust the resolution, drag the Width and Height values or click the value to select it and type new values. If you chose to maintain the aspect ratio, then the output video will be stretched to match the new resolution. If you chose not to maintain aspect ratio, then Microsoft Expression Encoder will letterbox or pillarbox the cropped area, depending upon the dimension that you adjust.

    • To adjust the location of the cropped area, drag the Top and Left values or click the value to select it and type new values.

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