Organize Jobs

Job categories help you organize your jobs for easy filtering and grouping. For example, you can organize all your database backup jobs in the Database Maintenance category. You can also create your own job categories.

Caution note Caution

Multiserver categories exist only on a master server. There is only one default job category available on a master server: [Uncategorized (Multi-Server)]. When a multiserver job is downloaded, its category is changed to Jobs From MSX at the target server.



Describes how to create a job category.

Create a Job Category

Describes how to delete a job category.

Delete a Job Category

Describes how to assign a job to a job category.

Assign a Job to a Job Category

Describes how to change the membership of a job category.

Change the Membership of a Job Category

Describes how to list the category information.

List Job Category Information

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