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AdRefreshed (JavaScript: onAdRefreshed) - Windows 8.0

Microsoft Advertising Services

Updated: August 2, 2013

Published: June 4, 2013

Raised when the AdControl receives a new ad.

Namespace: Microsoft.Advertising.WinRT.UI (in Microsoft.Advertising.WinRT.UI.winmd)

JavaScript Library: ad.js



public event EventHandler<object> AdRefreshed


function onAdRefreshed(ev) { /* Your code here */ }
adControl.addEventListener("refreshed", onAdRefreshed);
adControl.removeEventListener("refreshed", onAdRefreshed);

Support and Feedback

Get product support or report a bug in the advertising SDK by visiting the Windows 8 Dev Center support page (scroll down to the section "Microsoft Advertising support").

Send feedback about this documentation to adsfdbk@microsoft.com. There is no product support through this alias. Documentation feedback only.

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