Configure Dialog Box

Configure Dialog Box

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Use the Configure dialog box to configure parameters, connection managers, and references to environments, for packages and projects.

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the Integration Services server.

    You’re connecting to the instance of the SQL Server Database Engine that hosts the SSISDB database.

  2. In Object Explorer, expand the tree to display the Integration Services Catalogs node.

  3. Expand the SSISDB node.

  4. Expand the folder that contains the package or project that you want to configure.

  5. Right-click the package or project, and then click Configure.

Use the Parameters page to view parameter names and values, and to modify the values.

Select the scope of the parameters displayed in the Parameters and Connection Managers tabs, in the Scope drop-down list.

The following is a list of the options in the Parameters tab.


Lists the object that contains the parameter.


Lists the parameter name.


Lists the parameter value. Click the ellipsis button to change the value in the Set Parameter Value dialog box.

The following is a list of the options in the Connection Managers tab. You use this tab to change values for connection manager properties. Parameters are automatically generated on the SSIS server for the properties.


Lists the object that contains the connection manager.


Lists the connection manager name.

Property name

Lists the name of the connection manager property.


Lists the value assigned to the connection manager property. Click the ellipsis button to change the value in the Set Parameter Value dialog box. You can enter a literal value, map an environment variable that contains the value you want to use, or use the default value from the package.

Use the References page to add and remove references to environments, and to access environment properties.

An environment specifies runtime values for packages contained in the projects you’ve deployed to Integration Services server.


Lists the environment.

Environment Folder

Lists the folder that contains the environment.


Click to open the Environment Properties dialog box.


Click to add a reference to an environment. In the Browse Environments dialog box click an environment and then click OK.

You can select an environment contained in any project folder under the SSISDB node.


Click an environment listed in the References area, and then click Remove.

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