2.1 Common Algorithm Details

This section specifies details that are common to both the TNEF Writer and TNEF Reader roles. For details specific to the TNEF Writer role, see section 2.2. For details specific to the TNEF Reader role, see section 2.3.

All numeric data types in this algorithm that are greater than one byte in size are little-endian, and any handling of these values on platforms that are not little-endian are required to take this into account and perform the appropriate transformations to get correct numbers, counts, values, and so on.

String examples in this document are shown in Augmented Backus-Naur Form (ABNF) format, as specified in [RFC5234]. When the string has a terminating null character, the terminating null character is included as well; for example, "user1@example.com" %x00. For the purpose of string examples, the different terminating null character size in a Unicode character set (1) is not illustrated.