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Accessing content on removable storage


Windows 8 provides support for accessing content on media and storage devices that use Windows Portable Devices (WPD), including Media Transport Protocol (MTP) devices and Mass Storage Class (MSC) devices.

The Windows.Devices.Portable namespace provides the StorageDevice class for enumerating removable storage devices and accessing them as a StorageFolder.

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Quickstart: List removable storage devices

This tutorial shows you how to use Windows.Storage.KnownFolders to get a snapshot of the currently connected devices as StorageFolder objects.

Quickstart: Send a file to a storage device

This tutorial shows you how to copy a file to a removable storage device by instantiating a storage object using Windows.Devices.Portable.Storage.FromId.

Quickstart: Get an image file from a storage device

This tutorial shows you how to get an image file from a removable storage device and display it.

Quickstart: Get an image from a camera using AutoPlay

This tutorial shows you how to access removable storage when the storage device is plugged in, by handling AutoPlay events.


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