Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Integration Namespace

System Center

Class Description
ActivityAttribute This attribute declares that a class defines an Orchestrator Activity.
ActivityConfigurationAttribute Marks a specific property in an Activity class as one that can be used to inject configuration data.
ActivityDataAttribute Marks a class that can be used to encapsulate filter, input and output properties for an Activity class.
ActivityFilterAttribute Marks a property in an Activity class as one that supports filtering.
ActivityInputAttribute Marks a property in an Activity class as one that receives input from the Orchestrator data bus.
ActivityMethodAttribute Marks a method inside an Activity class as one that should be run when the activity is invoked by Orchestrator.
ActivityMonitorAttribute This attribute declares that an Activity class should be run as a monitor activity.
ActivityOutputAttribute Marks a specific property inside an Activity class as one that publishes its value to the Orchestrator data bus.
ActivityWarning Use ActivityWarning to throw an exception from an Activity that will notify Orchestrator that although the object did not run successfully, the failure should be reported as a warning instead of an error.

Interface Description
IActivity Use this interface to implement an Activity.
IActivityDesigner Use the IActivityDesigner interface to specify the filters, inputs and outputs supported by an Activity.
IActivityFilter Use the IActivityFilter interface to design a specific filter for an Activity.
IActivityInput Use the IActivityInput interface to design a specific input for an Activity.
IActivityOutput Interface used to design a specific output for an Activity.
IActivityRequest Use this interface to retrieve the details of a request from Orchestrator to run a specific Activity.
IActivityResponse Use this interface to publish the results generated by an Activity when it is executed as part of an Orchestrator runbook.
IFilterCollection Use this interface to programatically access the filter conditions provided by Orchestrator when the Activity is invoked as part of a running workflow.
IFilterCriteria Use the IFilterCriteria interface to programmatically access to a single filter condition.
IInputCollection Use the IInputCollection interface to access the input values provided by Orchestrator as part of a request to execute an Activity.
IRuntimeValue Use the IRuntimeValue interface to programmatically access the value assigned to a specific filter or input by the Orchestrator data bus.

Enumeration Description
ConfigurationUsage Indicates that the configuration specified by an ActivityConfiguration property is required either at design time and runtime, or runtime only.
Relation A filter Relation indicates the test to be performed when evaluating whether a value satisfies a filter condition.