Microsoft.SPOT.MFUpdate Namespace

Windows Automotive 5.0/5.5

Public ClassFirmwareVersionRepresents the firmware version as defined in native code.
Public ClassMFAssemblyNamesRepresents an assembly name and version to be used by an application to determine which assemblies may need to be updated.
Public ClassMFAssemblyUpdateRepresents an assembly update package.
Public ClassMFFirmwareUpdateRepresents a firmware update package.
Public ClassMFKeyUpdateRepresents a device key update.
Public ClassMFUpdateRepresents the abstract base class for MFUpdates.
Public ClassMFUpdateBaseRepresents an abstract base class for MFUpdates.
Public ClassMFUpdatePktRepresents a single indexed update packet.
Public ClassMFUpdatePropertyRepresents a user-defined update property for an MFUpdate.
Public ClassMissingPacketEnumeratorRepresents a missing packet enumeration for an update.

Public EnumerationMFUpdateSubTypeProvides values that represent MFUpdate sub types for an update.
Public EnumerationMFUpdateTypeProvides values of the known update types

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