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Guidelines for the camera UI

The camera dialog is a touch-optimized, full-screen experience for capturing photos and videos from an embedded or attached camera. The full-screen dialog handles the work of presenting the camera UI. The dialog enables you to capture a photo or video with one method call to the Windows.Media.Capture.CameraCaptureUI.captureFileAsync API. As part of the capture experience, users can crop their captured photos and trim their captured videos before they return to the calling application. In addition, users can also adjust some of the camera settings such as brightness, contrast, and exposure before capturing a photo or a video. The camera dialog is intended for live photo and video capture.

Dos and dont's

  • Use the camera UI if your application requires live photo or video. For instance, an application that requires a profile picture can ensure that the profile picture is recent by presenting the camera dialog to start a live capture.
  • Don’t use the camera UI if you plan to have real-time feedback or control over the image that is being captured. For example, a barcode reader app might provide real-time feedback to the user as they scan a barcode using the camera, to let the user know whether the barcode is readable. In this case the camera dialog would not be the right option, because it does not provide any direct control over the captured video stream. You should instead use the MediaCapture API.
  • Don’t use the camera dialog if you need to add custom controls to the user interface. You should instead use the MediaCapture API, if you need to add UI customizations beyond what the camera dialog provides.
  • Don’t turn on cropping or trimming in the camera dialog if your application provides them. If your application is a video or photo editing application, or provides some photo or video editing capabilities, you should use the camera dialog with trimming and cropping turned off. Then, the trimming and cropping function in your application will not be redundant with what the camera dialog provides.

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