Updated: October 20, 2013

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

This action produces an ANSI text file of the ETL trace log.

-a dumper [-range T1 T2] [-stacktimeshifting] [exc_dpcisr] [-provider id1 id2 …] [-add_rawdata] [-add_pgodata] [-add_inline]

-range T1 T2
Dumps only data between times T1 and T2, both in microseconds.

Combines user and kernel stack fragments and places them after the trigger event.

Excludes time spent in DPCs or ISRs. DPC and interrupt tracing must be enabled for this option to have any effect. Currently this affects only cswitch events.

-provider id1 id2 …
Dumps events for the specified provider(s). Takes as input any number of provider GUIDs.

Adds a raw information line before each event.

Adds PGO training information to each stack frame.

Appends inline function names to the end of each stack frame.

Events in the trace are dumped in text form.

The following is an example of this action with providers specified.

xperf -i trace.etl -o trace.etl.csv -a dumper -provider {315a8872-923e-4ea2-9889-33cd4754bf64} {7dd42a49-5329-4832-8dfd-43d979153a88}