Serial Controller Driver Design for SerCx2

To manage your serial controller, you write a serial controller driver that performs hardware-specific tasks and communicates with SerCx2. Starting with Windows 8.1, SerCx2 is a system-supplied component that handles many of the processing tasks that are common to serial controllers. These tasks include managing time-outs and handling read and write requests sent by clients of the serial controller.

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Features of SerCx2-Based Serial Controller Drivers

A SerCx2-based serial controller driver is a KMDF driver that uses the methods and callbacks in KMDF to perform generic driver operations, and that communicates with SerCx2 to perform operations that are specific to serial controller drivers.

SerCx2 I/O Transactions

SerCx2 simplifies the handling of read (IRP_MJ_READ) and write (IRP_MJ_WRITE) requests for your serial controller driver. In response to a read or write request, SerCx2 issues one or more I/O transactions to the serial controller driver. From the driver's point of view, each transaction is a simple and complete I/O operation.




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