Proximity Devices


Windows platform exposes a rich set of experiences using NFC technology including, 1. Proximity Platform – Provide a platform to initiate P2P sharing of content between devices via NFC, focusing on Windows devices, as well as other NFC compliant mobile devices as well as reading/write content to/from NFC forum compliant tags. 2. Wallet Platform – Provide the secure storage and transactional capabilities to power on-device payment scenarios, as well as brick-and-mortar payments and other NFC transactions. To enable these experiences we rely on NFC hardware on the device for which IHVs shall provide device drivers that exposes NFC device driver interfaces (DDIs) defined in this document. For convergence binary between Windows client and Windows mobile SKUs, drivers need to be written using UMDF 2.0 framework that has been available since the Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 release. This document outlines the NFC device driver DDI specification for both NFC proximity and secure element functionality.

Developer audience

Proximity Drivers are intended for use by developers of near-field communication hardware to be included with a computer running Windows.



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