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Robot Dashboard

The Robot Dashboard is designed specifically for the Reference Platform robot. Because the Reference Platform has known hardware, the Robot Dashboard can partner directly with the appropriate services. The Simple Dashboard on the other hand does its partnering dynamically when you select the services from a list of service types that it understands.

The following screenshot shows the Robot Dashboard being used with the Simulated Reference Platform in the Apartment environment. The Robot Dashboard can equally be used with a real Reference Platform robot.

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The following screenshot is a close-up of the Robot Dashboard itself.


The Robot Dashboard allows you to tilt the Kinect camera, drive the robot, and see the values of the proximity sensors, battery level and wheel encoders. The sensors are arranged left to right, where left refers to the robot's left, i.e. looking forward from the center of the robot.

You can use an Xbox 360 Controller (wireless or wired) to drive the robot. You need to click on the Enable Drive button (which then changes to Disable Drive as shown above) so that you can use the left thumbstick. The A button on the controller toggles the drive enable on and off. If your Xbox controller is not turned on when you start the Robot Dashboard it will not appear in the Device dropdown list. Simply turn on the controller and then restart the Robot Dashboard if you want to use the controller.

In addition, the Robot Dashboard displays two other windows for the DepthCam View and WebCam View.

Once you have rearranged and resized the various windows, select File \ Save Settings so that the Robot Dashboard will start up in the same configuration the next time you run it.

For more information, see the Getting Started With RDS document in the Documentation folder of your RDS installation.




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