SimpleWPFApplication Sample

Windows Automotive 5.0/5.5

This sample demonstrates the following:

  • Using Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Presenting a sliding menu system with animation of the menu icons.
  • Mapping hardware GPIO pins to buttons.
  • Making UI elements respond to button clicks.
  • Loading a font resource and displaying text using the font resource.
  • Loading a bitmap resource, resizing it, and displaying it.
  • Resizing UI elements.
  • Changing focus among UI elements.
  • Using various UI elements including StackPanel, ListBox, ListBoxItem, and Canvas.
  • Using various shapes including Ellipse, Line, Polygon, Rectangle.
  • Defining your own panel.
  • Defining your own shape.
  • Working with colors, solid brushes and linear gradient brushes.
  • Drawing freehand elements using standard drawing such as Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse, and Line, without defining a panel for each shape.

For information about running and exploring this sample, see the Readme.txt file in the directory under:

Documents\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1\Samples\

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